What is Functional Medicine?

Healing the whole person — not just treating the symptoms.


What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a medical approach that addresses the underlying causes of disease with an intent to heal the whole person instead of just treating symptoms. It looks closely at how the environment we are in, our lifestyle, and our own genetics affect us and ultimately determine our health conditions. Functional medicine better addresses modern-day healthcare needs and allows a more patient-centered approach to treatment.

The goal of a functional medicine approach is to identify and eliminate the underlying cause of your illness, instead of just treating the disease.


What are the Differences Between Functional and Conventional Medicine?

Conventional medicine has been around forever and is the more traditional approach that is used by most providers. When most people think of ‘medicine’ they envision the conventional medicine model. Going to the doctor when you have symptoms with the goal of getting something to treat said symptoms. It focuses more on the disease the patient has and treating the symptoms, often with a medication(s) that need to be continuously taken or the symptoms return. Conventional medicine is viewed as more of a reactive approach.

Functional medicine is a newer approach that focuses on the whole patient and identifying the underlying cause of a disease. The intent is to heal the person as a whole instead of just reacting to and treating symptoms of a disease. This newer approach is expanding the principles and goals of conventional medicine by incorporating ever-expanding scientific knowledge. The goal is to eliminate the cause of the disease and proactively prevent symptoms instead of just treating them.

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Disclaimer: The advice provided by Dr. Josie Ross is not medical advice and should not be substituted for medical advice. Her recommendations are not a quick fix, miracle drug, or supplements. Do not change or alter your medication without consulting with your prescribing doctor.

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