Why is PGx important?

PGx testing can produce information that can be used for the rest of your life. The results provided in your PGx test can help providers individualize and tailor treatment based on your genes, now and in the future.

Pharmacogenomics can:

Why is Pharmacogenomics Important

Each individual person should be evaluated separately for the need for PGx testing. Your PGx results are specific to YOU and should not be used to guide mediation decisions for others.

PGx testing is a type of genetic test, and your results may indicate blood relatives may benefit from PGx testing as well.

REMINDER: It is important to not make any medication changes (stop, start, or change doses) without talking to your medical provider first.

When might I consider getting PGx testing?

  • If you are currently, or have experienced, side effects with certain medications.
  • If you have wondered why some medications do not seem to work for you as well as they do for others.
  • If you have ever wanted to know how you may respond to a medication before you take it.

These questions, and other ones like it, may be answered with PGx testing. PGx testing can provider helpful information about medications you are currently taking, ones you have taken in the past, and ones you may take in the future. The results provided in a PGx test can be used throughout your lifetime to help.

Will PGx testing affect my insurance coverage?

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination ACT (GINA) is a federal law that makes it illegal for health insurance companies to discriminate against you based on any genetic information that is available. GINA does not protect you against discrimination based on genetic information by life, disability, or long-term care insurance companies, however some states have laws in place for protection in these areas.

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Phillips Family Pharmacy PGx Program
Phillips Family Pharmacy PGx Program
Phillips Family Pharmacy PGx Program